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We have a passion for shoes; that much we know. We believe when picking an outfit, you consider your shoe wardrobe first. We place a lot of emphasis on what your feet say. A wise man said a man is judged by what shoes he wears, that statement couldn’t be truer, “Your shoes define you”. We sell shoes, the very good ones. We write about shoes, on the very best mediums. We consult on shoes, with very discerning businesses.

igaspofficial (trading name changed in 2018) was founded in January 2012 to provide for the taste of fashion conscious Nigerians who crave the same level of service and product they are so used to getting when they travel abroad. To this end we teamed up with some top European and American brands to provide this same service at prices available abroad – WE BRING THE WORLD TO YOUR FEET, literally!

igaspofficial understands that getting the very best shoes sometimes is not enough. To this end, we have also included some accessories brand to complement our shoes. All brands we offer are unique in one thing; they are master craftsmen in their field. We continue to add new brands as we seek new working relationships. We also seek collaborations with other businesses with a common interest in quality and style, why don’t you drop us a line. Let people gasp when they see your shoes; Let us help you put your best foot forward, always.

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